Wagyu Coulotte Steak BMS 4-5

Wagyu Coulotte Steak BMS 4-5

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Brand Jack's Creek.

Marbling BMS 4-5.

Wet Aged +60 days.

Weight8 oz each.

Butcher's NoteCrafted from the center of the muscl.e.

PackagingIndividually sealed in air-tight packaging.

ShippingShipped flash frozen with dry ice for your convenience.


Jack's Creek is a leading company in  Wagyu beef production based in Australia that produces Purebred to Full Blood Wagyu F2+ derived from 75% or higher genetic content of Wagyu cattle, and   F1-F3 Wagyu under the label Wagyu X by crossing 87% Wagyu genetics and Black Angus - the two most proven marbling breeds. Jack’s Creek cattle are grain fed from 400 to 500 days, and their beef is categorized under Beef Marbling Scores.


What is marbling? Marbling is the visible form of intramuscular fat which appears as fine flecks within the muscle, and has a very positive effect of tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Their marbling system offers all marble scores from 3 to 9+ to suit your application. Their grading system offers a marble score from 3 to 9 and bred for flavor. Juicy and succulent, this beef is a truly unique eating experience.


Jack’s Creek proudly raised Wagyu cattle free from antibiotics and free from added hormones, ensuring the best tasting and natural beef. Their exclusive flagship product is intricately marbled, delivering a tender, melt in the mouth taste sensation that never disappoints.

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