Domestic Lamb Rack

Domestic Lamb Rack

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Brand:Catelli Brothers.

Product Weight: 33 oz avg each.

Description: Frenched.

Packaging: Vacuum Sealed.

Shipping Info: Product is shipped frozen with gel packs and dry ice.

Brand: Catelli Brothers.


Catelli Brothers is a long standing source of family pride  rooted in the maintenance of quality in all aspects of our business. They assure the well-being of all their animals from the farms where they are raised, through transportation and processing. 

Raised on Colorado ranches and free to roam while grazing on natural forage, all natural USDA choice American lamb is richly marbled, juicy and tender. All Catelli lamb is Halal-certified.

The secret to cooking lamb perfectly is knowing when it is done. You do not want to cut into a chop or roast to check. When cooking lamb, your best kitchen friend is a good meat thermometer to determine when you should remove your cut from heat. Stop cooking lamb when the thermometer shows 5 – 10° less than your planned temperature. Lamb will gain those degrees while resting. USDA recommends cooking chops and roasts 145º for medium-rare, 160º for well-done. Ground lamb should be cooked to at least 160º. But don’t serve immediately. Resting your lamb will allow the juices to settle. Wait 10 minutes before serving roasts and just five minutes for chops. Use the chart below as a guide.

Shipping Information

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Our products are delivered in insulated cooler boxes keeping the temperature of each product safe during transit, along with dry ice and/or gel ice packs.

Proteins might arrive frozen or partially frozen - below 40°F when measured with a food thermometer is considered beyond safe for consumption.


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