Beef Tripas | Chinchulin

Beef Tripas | Chinchulin

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Source Beef.

Weight 2.5 lbs. avg. per pack.

PackagingIndividually sealed in air-tight packaging.

ShippingShipped flash frozen with dry ice for your convenience.


Rumba® Meats makes it easy to find the high-quality, traditional variety meats that speak the language of familia.

Treat your family to tripas! Rumba Meats beef tripas, also known as chitterlings, are a popular favorite in a variety of dishes. To prepare beef tripas, clean and boil them for a tender texture.

Then fry, grill or marinate and roast them to bring out their full potential. Once cooked through, finish cooking over high heat for a few minutes until browned and crispy on the outside and deliciously tender on the inside. Beef tripas are the perfect ingredient for tacos that are piled high with cilantro, onions and topped off with a squeeze of lime.

They’re also a great ingredient for soups, stews and salads – or simply served over rice and beans. Buy beef tripas today to pack your meals with authentic flavor.

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