Black Angus Beef

Whole Cuts - 45 lbs per box avg

  • How does it work?

    Our foodservice program allows clients from all over the USA to access wholesale prices when buying any of our boxed products and get them delivered nationwide FOB.

  • How can it benefit me?

    Whether you are a chef, catering owner, host of a big event, or just simply like to stock up, this program was designed to grant the most competitive prices nationwide without needing to deal with distributors, high minimum order requirements nor delivery schedules.

  • What is the quality?

    Products available in this category include 150 days grain-finished Black Angus Beef. It is sourced from 22 months-old steers fed with non-GMO grains under the Never-Ever attributes.

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Free shipping

We do not apply free shipping to our orders because we like transparency and put our efforts to offer the best prices available.

Order minimum

As low as one box (10 lbs.) is the minimum amount required to access wholesale prices.

Shipping schedule

- FL: Orders are shipped Monday-Thursday and take one business day to arrive.
- All other States: Orders are shipped Monday-Wednesday and take two business days to arrive.

We do not ship Friday, Saturday nor Sunday.
We do not ship on holidays.


Discounts posted on any other page of the site, do not apply for foodservice.
Gastro Markets strives for excellence, which is the reason why products and prices offered in the foodservice section are as competitive as can be - without ever compromising quality nor services.